The quality of products which we offer is areas we specialize in, as our professionals bring to the table invaluable skills and proficiency. We believe in being quality-centric and knowledge-driven which has earned us reputation over the years. We infuse in our customers/clients trust and in turn they invest in us confidence. And so, at our customers are rest assured, for we believe in nothing but the best.

NRKR Textiles is ISO certified and is often conferred certification for best practices, commitment to quality, environmental protection and strong customer relations, and this has been the cornerstone of NRKR Textiles’ success.

The manufacturing facilities have the latest quality Analysis and assurance labs manned by professionals. NRKR always uses the high quality raw cotton mainly MCU-5, known for their superiority in terms of fineness and good feel suitable strength to weave in high speed shuttle less air jet looms. Extra long staple varieties like Pima, Giza and Suvin can be used for specific requirements upon special orders to make special yarns.

With equipments like HVI, AFIS, UT-5, Uster Quantum Classimate tester, Bale Management and RKM Tester, etc, quality parameters are ensured by sophisticated quality testing.

The company has a long reputation for Quality, Performance and Innovation. Quality of final product is determined with quality of raw material. Quality of final product is determined with quality of raw material. At NRKR, we take meticulous care always.