Manufacturing Facilities

The factory enjoys state of the art facilities with advanced technology and contemporary machines meeting International standards. Modern Blow Rooms of International standards are installed with Automatic Bale Pluckers, Mixers and Jassi Vision shield contamination clearers ensuring gentle operation of opening and cleaning at various stages in the process of yarn manufacturing.

We house the best machine which is capable of making better quality yarns which are produced by employing new generation machines in carding systems like Truetzschler TC 53 Cards, LC 333 Cards, LD2 Draw Frames and LR9-AXI Ring Frames linked with Schlafhorst AC-5 and Muratec 21-C Cone Winders where objectionable yarn faults and foreign fibres are effectively cleared with Loefe Zenit-F and Polypropylene clearers.

At NRKR Textiles, we ensure that we stay updated and we do it by constantly upgrading to a superior technology.
      Blow Room Equipment from TRUTZSCHLER
      Carding Equipment from TRUTZSCHLER & LMW
      Combers from LMW & REITER
      Ring Frames and Draw Frames from REITER & LMW
      Waste Collection Machinery from LUWA
      Auto Coners from SCHLAFHORST & MURATECH
      Yarn Conditioners from XORELLA
      Testing and Quality Control Equipment from ZELLWEGER USTER