About NRKR Textiles

Having started operations in the year 1964, in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India, we at NRKR Textiles have evolved leaps and bound over the years as we have reached milestones after milestones therefore evolving to be known as pioneers in Textile Industry. Indeed we have woven a remarkable success story together.

Founded by Sri NRKR, his vision made him a pioneer cotton ginner in the state and his style of procurement is heard even today in the cotton farming community especially for his generosity towards the farmer. Seeing the need for Transporting processed cotton to long distances, Sri. NRKR established and ran the first cotton pressing factory in the state.

NRKR, our Chairman, added the spinning vertical in 1991 by acquiring a mill in Salem, Tamilnadu. His efficiency to run an industry made him take up very big and established Spinning mills in India on lease basis until he setup his own 25,000 spindle mill in Rajahmundry ( Unit-1) followed by Chebrole.

The need of the hour’ State of the Art Infrastructure

Today the company houses more than 500 employees and is a key player in the Global Market as we have been contributing earnestly to the growing textile industry. With an aggregated capacity of 100000 spindles geared up with 100 cotton gins, NRKR Textiles is in the process of adding 35000 spindles and 100 Air jet looms to its existing capacity. And so, with state of the art Infrastructure, we have been passionately performing to meet the huge requirement each day.

At NRKR Textiles, our Annual quantity of production is 14000 tons of yarn and 55000 tons of raw cotton for its own consumption and sales. Also, we are proud to declare that we gin and spin with MCU-5 Variety of cotton which has a span length of 32 mm and is considered the longest available cotton varieties in India.

Astounding Success. Outstanding Team

The Team at NRKR Textiles has worked rigorously over the years to the best of their abilities and we at NRKR textiles owe our astounding success to the outstanding team work. The team comprises of individuals who are not only experienced but vastly knowledgeable, as the core team is made up of high profile qualified professionals.

World-class Products. Global Contributors

At NRKR Textiles, we are proud and privileged to export our products to countries namely China, Bangladesh, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Dubai and Latin America. We have had the good fortune of sharing a good rapport with all the reputed brands across the world and we wish to continue our valuable contribution.